The History of the World Part 1 Cast is an American comedy, which was produced, written, and directed by Mel Brooks in 1981. Before directing and producing this Brook was also the film star. He played various roles in different dramatic acts. The characters were King Louis VXI, Jacques, le garcan de pisse, Tomas de Torquemada, and the stand-up Philosopher. The features of the longer cast are Andreas Voutsinas and Spike Milligan. Harvey Korman, Shecky Green, Gregory Hines (the film was his debut), Charlie Callas, Brooks regular Ron Carey, and Dom Leachman.

The History of World Part 1 cast has also guests as cameo opportunities Andrew Sachs, Henny Youngman, Barry Levinson, Jackie Mason, Paul Mazursky, Nigel Hawthorne, Hugh Henfer with many others. Orson Welles recites every bit of the story.

There was no authentic plan for the sequel, despite carrying the numeration part 1.  The title was decided by Walter Raleigh, The History of World Part 1 which was expected to be disclosed in multiple volumes but the first one is complete only. The limited series was announced by Hulu The History of World Part 2. This was promised on March 6, 2023.


The History of the World Part 1 was the imitation of the epic film genre, sword and sandal epic, and the period costume drama subgenres are included. The Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition, and the French Revolution are the four main segments that were held in the Stone Age. Additional intermediate sketches depict the Last Supper and the delivery of the 10 commandments.

 The Traditional Era

Sid Caesar and Cavmen characterize the invention of fire. Specifically turned into the first critic and the first funeral as well, they invented the marriages of (heterosexual and homosexual) weapons. In The History of World Part 1, they portrayed the early attempts at music which has both music and a hilarious touch. By conquering one another, they also created an orchestra of cries and music.

Traditional proof

Moses came beneath Mount Sinai, had three stone tablets, and tried to apply the Law of God (the voice of an undisclosed Carl Reiner. During Moses’ revelation, it was made clear that t Law was to be forwarded to the people. He loses one of the tablets, which is demolished; he “corrects” his manifestation from 15 to 10 rules.

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The Roman Authority

As I said earlier, Brooks was the Stand-up-philosopher, offering intellect through the stylish comedy Stand-up-comedy he landed the gig at Caesar Ron Caesar’s palace. This is notified by Brook’s agent. Brooks fell in love with the Vestal virgin called Mariam (Marry-Marget Humes) and got a friend who was an Ethiopian slave named Josephus.

Comics, Josephus, and Swiftus temporarily seek centuries in Nypho’s palace while playing the part of Enuch guard.

When they flee in a cart drawn by a miracle horse, they light massive Marijuana to render the pursuing troops. They are pursued under the command of Marcus Vindictus (Shecky Greene) when Josephus’s obvious arousal reveals them as forgeries.

When Comicus was waiting for the job tablets, they were sailing to Judea. And do many blunders where Jesus having the last supper with his audience. Comicus was disturbing Jesus (John hurt) by calling his name in a very modern manner again and again.

Leonardo de Vinci comes to color the group’s painting, by sitting all of them on one side of the table. Where Jesus afterward Comicus the raised platter looked like a Halo.

The Inquisition in Spain

The Spanish inquisitive portion mocked Busbey Barkley-style production, they are featuring prolonged singing and dancing with Brooks Portraying the notorious Torquemada. The arrangement starts with the herald introducing Torquemada and making a Play on his name rather than please for the blessing of the doomed “You can’t Torquemada anything” which means (talk him outta anything despite a humorous penalty that included auto-de fae.

Among the performances is a rendition of “water torture” with nuns dancing underwater in the style of Esther Williams, and an iron maiden in a spinning state. Ronny Graham and Jackie Mason make a brief appearance as victims of Jewish torture.

The Revolution of France

Madame Defarge (Cloris Leachman) A mob to plot the French revolution, in her Paris hotel. Count de Monet (Harvey Korman) and Beamaise (Andreas Voutsinas) warned Mr. Louis (Brooks) his advisors that the peasants do not think to like them.

A suspicious environment was created when King was using the villagers as objects while playing the skeet. King Louis offers sex to beautiful Mademoiselle Rimbaud (Pamela Stephenson) in exchange for her father’s release from the Bastille, where he has been captive for years.

Hide into the bushes and be like Jacques (also Brooks) De Monet convinces King Louis who is sent as a decoy to pretend to be the monarch and hold buckets for the nobility.

That night Rimbaud comes to see Jacques, believing him to be Louis, to accomplish the deal to release his father but he releases her father without having any sexual demand. After that, they came back from the prison. Peasant stormed into the apartment and dragged King Jacques to the execution by hanging. According to Rimbaud, she believes that only a miracle can save her father.

Josephus arrived abruptly as a miracle, and they ran riding towards a mountain carved with the words THE END.

The mocking teaser of The History of the World part 2 “coming soon” and the trailer was narrated by Brooks who also shared some scenes from the segments “Hitler on Ice” and “Jews in Space”.


Brooks showed the inspiration for his film History of the World Part 1 cast, the impression came from the incident held in 1979. According to Brooks, the name of the Film was decided on a little debate with the truck driver when he was shouting at Brooks and asking him what next big thing he was about to do. In reply to those critics, he shouted and answered Yes! Maybe now I will write The History of World Part 1. 

One of the characters of this film Richard Prior, who was playing the role of Josephus, was hospitalized because of the burn by the public incident. John Cleese was truly pointed for the character “Count de Monet” but because of some personal conflicts, Harvey Korman was instead cast.

The history of World Part 1 is not an easy film to make. A lot of characters were performing and they all did a great job. The most expensive movie of the 190 genres.

Orson Welles was allotted to voice over his dialogues as a narrator, but he did his work in a few hours. Filming for the movie took place at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, where Comicus made his entrance.

Following are history of the world part 1 cast


The History of the World Part 1 cast has the has been 42 years hit the theaters, and the iconic personality Mel Brook at the age of 96 decided to release the History of World Part 2, which shows his first writing role over the decades. These series have many roles with the high profile, taking part in it.

But sadly as we know that this is the comic movie but didn’t have that fun as compare the history of the world part2 has.

Capturing this type of movie in the small page is highly risky. Napolean’s goes way beyond “conquering everything and his motivation was much bigger than the other celebrity claim.