The famous actress Kristy McNichol was born on September 11, 1962, in Los Angeles, California. She is a famous bygone artist. She started acting in her childhood. She takes the initiative in her acting from the ad. The starting acts were famous and won Emmy awards. She rose her popularity in 1976.

Childhood, Family, Schooling

Kristy McNichol was born in the early 1960s in Los Angeles, California. James and Caroline McNichol are her parents. Mr. James is a carpenter and her mother does multiple jobs to support their family, such as sailing makeup products movies, etc.


Kristy McNichol starts her career with her brother by doing a commercial. Afterward, she worked alone in the industry, she appeared as a guest in some dramas like Stansky & hutch, The Bionic Woman, Love, American Style, and The Love Boat. In the brief television series Apple Ways (1974), she participated in Patricia Apple over her initial stay as a series regular.

She had done a projection as a character called “Buddy” on the screen drama series named Family (1976- 80). Because of her best supporting actor in this drama which was played three years in a row was awarded by Emmy Award. The wining period was about 1977- 1979. Furthermore, Kristy McNichol was also nominated for an Emmy for the Great Actress as a lead role in the same series Family.

Kristy McNichol was shown in a TV show The Carpenter at Christmas, performing the multiple music digits with the duo. She and her brother Jimmy made their invasion into music, for the records of RCA (AFL1-2875) they recorded the album named Kristy McNichol and Jimmy McNichol. Mitch Margo and Phil Margo’s production, included the single “He’s so Fine” (a cover of The Chiffons 1963 hit) which ranked number 70 on the Billboard charge and “page by page”. With other celebrities, McNichol approved the Album at the New York Studio 54 discotheque. Kristy McNichol performed with Jimmy McNichol her brother in a second carpenters ‘holiday special, named “The Carpenters: A Christmas Portrait”.

Kristy McNichol

In that era, McNichol was the best teen celebrity. Additionally, she appears in talk shows like Dinah! and the Mike Douglas Show. She appeared in several celebrity-based series, including Battle of the Network Stars. McNichol starred in the acclaimed TV movie Summer of My German Soldier.

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Kristy McNichol took the initiative in her career in the film Industry in 1977 on Black Sunday, but mostly her scenes are cut. She performed in the Dark Comedy the End in 1978 alongside Burt Reynolds and Sally Field.

Kristy McNichol played the lead role in the forthcoming-of-age film “Little Darling” which is also rolled by other hit supporting artists. It involved those who disliked the movie but were cheered by her acting, and many commentators liked her performance. In the Georgia film The Night the Lights Went Out, she collaborated with the actors Dennis Quaid and Mark Hamill, who were both on screen. For which she has paid with a handsome amount of salary. Which is very uncommon for teenagers in that era.

She co-starred with Neil Simon in Only When I Laugh, McNichol received the Golden Global Nomination for awesome supporting actor. She received a nomination for a Golden Raspberry Award as well, this time for worst actress in the 1982 Pirate movie.

In France, McNichol played the lead role in the comedy Drama Just the Way You Are while in the emotionally disturbed and the worst time of her life in the same year. Later on, she claimed her feelings in the magazine People, she said that, In France, she wasn’t very good with her sleep and spent her nights weeping. McNichol had weird nightmares and cried on sets. She took a big gap after Christmas and never returned to the production to complete the movie until she got herself recovered.

Later on, she exposed Kristy McNichole’s true side of the breakdown, that she was depressed because of her childhood work pressure, additionally the pressure of hiding her sexuality from the nation.

In 1986 Kristy McNichol again appeared in the film Women of Valor about American nurses in World War 2. She had done work in You Can’t Hurry Love and The Moon Junction theatrical movies in 1988. Furthermore, she worked in Barbra Weston on Empty Nest spine-off in the same ear. In 1992, she announced her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, which led her to leave the show. But for its final episode, she came back to finish it in 1995. it was her last TV screen show.

Natural Golds, after that, Kristy McNichol started working as a voice-over artist in cartoons and animated series. In Extreme Ghost Buster 1997 and Invasion America 1997.

Retired Life

Kristy McNichol announced the retirement of her acting in June 2001. Her news tellers release this statement of retirement. McNichol started her career by teaching acting in one of the Los Angeles Schools and spent most of her time in Charity work. In 2012 she revealed her love life and exposed herself to the public that she was a lesbian and lived with her partner Marty Allen for the early 1990’s. She added that she has no plans to pursue acting once more.

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