Everybody knows Walmart very well.  It’s an American multinational biggest retail store corporation running its services in USA for more than 60 years.  Right now, Walmart has a chain of hypermarkets, superstores, grocery stores and discount stores etc. in almost 24 countries and has more than 10000 stores with more than 45 different names.

Walmart neighborhood market has been introduced by the company only a few years ago, so may be everyone is not familiar with this.  In 1998 this market was launched and the focus was to start its working in mainly urban areas.  Walmart neighborhood markets are not as big as Walmart supercenters.  Normally these markets are just 20% of the size of the Walmart supercenter.  As Walmart neighborhood markets are not as much big as compared to the real Walmart store, they have less stocks, smaller in size, no more variety, so there may be some products which are slightly high in prices but still it’s a better option to purchase grocery items and other household items from these markets as compared to other stores which are its competitors.  Except groceries and household items it has a focus on Walmart neighborhood market pharmacy hours.


Walmart started its operations in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas.  Two brothers Sam and James were its founders.  In 1945 Sam Walton bought a branch of local retail stores.  His focus was to sell low price products to the people as compared to competitors.  His order was to increase sales volume by providing low price products.  Although at start he faced some challenges but later on he overcame over these hurdles and increased his sales volume every year.  Every year with the increased volume of sales and revenue he was able to expand his business volume.  So he opened the first Walmart store in July, 1962.

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It was founded to be the most profitable retail store corporation in 1988 in United States.  In 1972, it was registered in New York Stock Exchange.  In early 80’s it was just operating in South and Midwest regions of the United States but in 1990’s it has stores all over the States.  In 1989 and 1990 it also opened new stores in New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Northeast and Southeast.

Right now, Walmart is running its operations in USA, Canada and United Kingdom under the same name Walmart.  Its world’s largest store in terms of revenue.  It’s an employer having more than 2 million employees.  In 2019 it was the largest grocery store in the United States.

Walmart Neighborhood Market Timings

Walmart neighborhood markets open in the morning normally between 6-7 am depending on locations and closes 10pm-12am depending again on location.  Some of their branches might have different opening and closing timings but it all depends on their location.  we

Walmart Neighborhood Market Branches

Currently Walmart neighborhood market has more than 600 branches all over the United States and they have a focus on traditionally grocery store but still It could not perform well as according to desire so there were many outlets of Walmart neighborhood market that have been closed due to poor performance.  Now more new branches of Walmart neighborhood market are being opened.  Walmart is going to close more locations every year.

Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy hours

Not all but most of the branches of Walmart neighborhood market also have pharmacy in them.  These pharmacies have the same working hours as that of these stores but again the timing of these stores is largely concerned with their locations.

Payment Method

At Walmart neighborhood markets you can pay via cash, cards, chime application, check in method and you can also cash your cheques over here.  All types of payment methods are accepted except at some locations where there could not be a facility of chime application.  So we can say that at some places payment method will also depend on location.

Difference between Walmart Neighborhood Market and Walmart Superstore


We can say that Walmart neighborhood markets although might have some high prices as compared to Walmart superstore but it can only be with some items, otherwise it has very good prices as compared to its rivals.  Its easy to approach as the company’s policy was mainly to build the branch in every corner of small towns or we can say that a person has an access to Walmart neighborhood market on walking distance.  Although there are smaller variety of products in Walmart neighborhood store as compared to Walmart superstore but still there is a lot of variety of products to purchase.

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