There are many beautiful places in Russia. Lakes with multicolored water, rocks, populated by ghosts, ancient abandoned cities, and sands, surrounded by ice—before you is not a list of scenery to the adventure film but points on the map of our country. This article is about the places in Russia that can make an impression! Russia is not just a generous soul; there are also thousands of places where you can rest this silence. The Valley of Geyserov, Lensky Pillars, Baikal, and Kazan Kremlin are known to everyone. Still, there are hundreds of natural and architectural beauties in our country that are not so often in tourist ratings, although they deserve no less attention. Today we are talking about several of them—inspire and pack suitcases!

Lake Elton, Volgograd region:

In Russia Lake, Elton is a beautiful place. Surrounded by a ring of snow-white salt. Lake Elton is also called the golden bottom because due to algae, the water overflowed with all the colors of precious stones, from gold to pink and bright indigo. The lake is so small that you can walk; the average depth in the summer is only 5 cm. That is a great opportunity to make beautiful pictures with reflection, creating the illusion of walking across the sky. Also, you can see the flocks of cranes and kits, and if you’re lucky, you can catch the bloom of rare tulips listed in the Red Book.

Diamond Mine “Peace,” Yakutia:

A man-made diamond quarry was called “Peace.” Finding a source, geologists handed over a Moscow-coded radiogram: “littered the tube of the world; the tobacco is excellent.” And why the tube? Everything is simple: these are the so-called geologists who like the deposits. Natural Golds Nowadays, the mine is no longer valid, and tourists have a chance to look at the core of the colossal size—one and a half kilometers in diameter! Yakuts believe that diamond deposits in their lands are associated with the intervention; one day, it was so cold that the deity was frustrated and dropped a whole bag of diamonds on the ground.

Ordinskaya cave, Perm region:

To visit the cave, which is more than two hundred million years old, is the dream of many travelers. And if she has also been filled with water, it is already like a challenge in the spirit of Indiana Jones! Intended corridors, dark grots, and stalactites, reminiscent of the “Space Odyssey” scenery—who would like to look at this? It has been done in the order of the cave located in the Perm Territory in the Kungur River area. The five kilometers of her labyrinths have already been studied by diving, and they are waiting for their discovery.

Solovetsky Monastery, Arkhangelsk region:

The monastery is here, among the northern landscapes of the White Sea, from the XV century, and the history of the construction of the Solovetsky Kremlin is a mystery to this day. The weight of some boulders, of which the walls have been laid out, exceeds 8 tons, and the age of the lichen growing on them is 2000–3000! When and how the construction was launched—even historians do not know. A half-kilometer of tunnels takes place under the monastery; the monks use them as sewage and as a black stroke. Solovetsky Monastery is a real fortress, impregnable and fortified. During the Crimean War, the English fleet tried to fire the guns. The result of nine watches of continuous fire was only a chipped seagull and a damaged icon.

Char sands, Transbaikalia:

The sandy desert among glaciers sounds like the mirage of a tired traveler. However, chairs are just that place where such an anomaly appears to appear: the hot desert is surrounded by the harsh glaciers of the Coda. True, such a neighborhood introduces its own adjustments: instead of camels, there are deer, and instead of palm trees in rare cases, there are larch and cedar. This contrast gives the place even greater charm.

Mount Big Bogdo, Astrakhan region:

How did the mountain appear in the infinite Astrakhan steppe and in such an unusual color—red? This is due to the concentration of metals in its soil, but there is a less prosaic explanation: according to the legend, the worst Orats, leaving their native expanses, wanted to take the mountain with them. On her shoulders, they carried the monks. However, one of them was unable to keep Bogdo; the mountain fell and remained in the middle of the steppe. This place is part of the Badin-Baskunchak Reserve, where there are comfortable conditions for tourists and excursions are held. Big Bogdo is the only mountain in the Caspian lowlands.

Krenitsyn Volcano, Kuril Islands:

Located on the island of Onekotan, the acting volcano of Klinitsyn is a truly unique phenomenon. This is not just a volcano, but a volcano within a volcano, and even the largest in the world. A lake ring concluded in flowering slopes—the caldera is embroidered around its cropping forests. The fascinating landscape complements the smoke lake, and it gives the scenery to “Jurassic Park”!