Tanzohub is a surprising terrace that helps people interact and get in touch with present functions and situations. This is a business platform for individuals to take business precautions. With the help of its contemporary technology, Tanzohub is taking deeper connections between people and performers to the next level for the live experience.

Tanzohub helps to put folk’s attention to its innovative technology, to get updated for new events and functions, through the smartphone and other devices. Not like traditional live experiences where the audience is large, deep, and involved. Tanzohub integrates the audience visually into the event by using state-of-the-art real-time video processing technology.

Tanzohub uses the cameras on participants’ smartphones to map their video feeds into animated avatars that are dynamically mixed into the live production in real-time and projected onto big displays. This is like sharing a live stream where different attendees like live events, and performers can engage with each other and be in touch. The divide between inactive viewing and active engagement is eliminated with Tanzohub.

Benefits and key features

There are different benefits and features:

Proper Focus

It is important to note that Tanzohub attendees are more than just viewers. They actively imortalize themselves and become more active. by this doing people become more energetic, engaging, and become active performers.

Social connections

With Tanzohub, participants can communicate visually by interacting with each other through animated avatars. As a result, people are able to connect as if they were together in person, which fosters a sense of community and a sense of togetherness within the community.

Gamification and incentive

It assigns gaming rules with features like leaderboards, badges, and points to incentivize participation, guests can take rewards and recognition for their involvement to make the experience more fun and compelling.

Information and Evaluation

This software collects the real time wealth, analytics and data presentation and engages by attendees. To improve and optimize Tanzohub as a platform for future live shows this gives organizers invaluable information that they may use.

Accessibilities for various platforms

You can use this on the multiple devices, Including large screen monitors and smartphone. This allows every attendee all over the world access and accommodates many types of event settings for organizers. Orgnaizers can use the information

Viewers at Scale

Tanzohub allows events to visually connect viewers at a much bigger scale. Compared to traditional live performances, this magnifies the excitement and upturn of events where thousands of people are taking part at once.

Tanzohub Podium

The tanzohub studio and tanzohub application are the two main parts of this podium


To manage the studio and the live image people use this software to manage the daily live productions. The Studio commands the producers for multiple real-time audiences various scenes are fed in via video, which also controls how they interact with the performance.


Tanzohub is mobile application; user can record their videos, make changes into avatars, and also participate in the live event graphically. The app offers interactive elements including gestures, emotions, dances, and more.

Utilization Examples

Tanzohub update the new opportunities for a divergence of live performances and events, such as:

Festivals and Concerts

Performers can act before the audience which is created by computers virtually. Virtual concert global producers can employ with artists and fellow enthusiasts through animated avatars.

Presentations and Speeches

Keynote speakers can deliver their speeches from a distance to sizable visual audiences. Additionally, presenters can receive immediate feedback and comments.

Theater and Dance

Performers perform attractive dances and funtions. Online guests can be joined into the visual settings and narratives of theatrical productions.

Exercise and Courses

Trainers can handle training sessions, workshops, and workouts with online participants joining them live on stage. Participants can attract with one another and can conduct multiple events.

Anniversaries and ceremonies

Couples can watch their first dance and other memorable moments with their friends and family by attending the function virtually. Attendees virtually can mingle and rejoice together.

Gaming and esports

Players can see crowd responses to significant plays by projecting themselves into eSports arenas. Supporters can participate and cheer from home just like they would at an event. There are many chances in the areas of business ventures, education, and entertainment. Tanzohub delivers next generation by showing live experiences.

Overview of the Company:

Digital media pilgrims Mark Zviman and Alan Dai created Tanzohub in 2018. Zviman has launched several profitable online video enterprises in the past. Dai was a part of the research and development teams that created live holographic technology and volumetric video capture.

They set out to breach the fourth wall, and the constraints of conventional live events. Unmatched levels of audience engagement, participation, and connection are made possible by Tanzohub through the merging of live production, interactive mobile video, and real-time 3D graphics. Initially bootstrapped, the company raised $7 million in Seed funding in 2019 led by Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI fund) and Partech

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Product Release

While the platform was still in private beta in 2018, Tanzohub worked with a limited group of partners to test and refine it. Tanzohub’s technological integrations, SDK, and APIs are available to developers and content creators as of 2019.

Over 10,000 events offered globally on it have attracted over 250,000 distant participants company is rapidly enhancing its platform and growing its clientele across several industries.

Client Achievement:

Early users of Tanzohub have already produced incredible interactive events, such as concerts, comedy shows, dance performances, conferences, and more.

Travis Scott at the Fortnite concert

Hip-hop Luminary In April 2020, Travis Scott performed live within the popular video game Fortnite. Real-time fan reaction feeds were incorporated into the virtual concert by Scott and his team using Tanzohub, creating an amazing interactive experience that attracted over 12 million people.

Interactive Proximity Dancing

This dancing ensemble has produced innovative Tanzohub productions where viewers can coordinate gesture commands to influence lighting sceneries and visual effects from a distance. A group of at least 2,000 people have come together to create a completely new form of “technologically enhanced dance.”


Leading the charge to transform indolent viewing into actively participating participation is Tanzohub. Tanzohub provides large-scale, interactive experiences of the future by allowing viewers to actively participate in live events and immerse themselves in images.

Both event organizers and guests are happy about this new platform since it enhances community, entertainment, and communication. As it expands its platform and makes further technological advancements, Tanzohub has the unending potential to revolutionize live events.

Tanzohub gives you the means to break through the fourth wall. We now possess the vigor and thrill of the most interactive live shows on the planet.