Google is an American business that particularly specializes in goods and services for the Internet. These include cloud computing, software, hardware, search, and internet advertising technologies. The world’s most popular smartphone operating system technology, Android, is also owned by Google. Google is one of the largest Internet corporations globally, offering an astounding range of services such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search. The Google Pixel 3 xl White white is also Google’s most popular mobile technology model. The smartphone was released on October, 2018. The 6.3-inch touchscreen display that comes with the phone has a resolution of 1440 by 2960 pixels. With 4GB of RAM, the Google pixel 3 xl white is equipped with a Octa-core CPU. The phone has 64GB of internal storage as well as 128GB. The launch of pixel 3 and 3 xl replaced pixel 2 and 2 xl from the market.

The Google Pixel 3 xl White was the most searchable android phone leader for the year 2018. It was, seemingly, the best Android telephone available when it was launched particularly on account of its wonderful cameras. Since it arrival in the market, prices have dropped down, yet it’s presently not enough in terms of performance contrasted with latest Android telephones. Also, that score looks much more unattractive constantly. All things considered, it’s a long way from a terrible telephone.

Information and Specifications

If you want to have quality photos, then Google Pixel 3 xl White phone which you need to have as soon as you can. It has one of the best camera which you can buy and it’s also one of the best Android phone which were launched before covid-19.

Google Pixel 3 XL White Design

Pixel 3 xl White

It has a display 6.3-inch LED. Display LED is with QHD+resolution. Its screen is colorful and impressive. On its back it has a glass with matt finishing. Matte finish on its back provide a good grip and also stops fingerprints on its body. Pixel 3XL also has fingerprint reader on its back. So there is no more need for face recognition or sensor in screen.

Pixel 3XL has a USB-C port and a nano-sim but no headphone jack. The microphone and speaker grille is located at the bottom-front side of the phone. This grille is long-roughly one third the width of the phone as a whole but it’s thin so it does not get in the way of things. It’s not as thin as that of Samsung S9 or iPhone XS but bottom bezel is also very large either.

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Pixel 3XL has an incredible camera both at front as well as on back. If you want to have quality pictures, then simply Pixel 3XL is a good option. Although right now so many other smartphones have been introduced in the market which have much better result cameras. But still Google Pixel 3 xl White that compete in the market just because of its camera photo quality. Its front camera has an 8MP wide angle with regular lens while back camera is 12.2MP with dual pixel PDAF having dual led flash.

Pixel 3XL Price and Availability

When Google Pixel 3 xl White was launched in October, 2018 its cost was $899 and now it has dropped even below $400. There is no more availability of Pixel 3XL in the market but still you can get through some of the retailers in the market like Amazon etc.


It has a better looking LED. Its display is colorful. Pixel 3XL’s screen demonstrated an impressive 170.2% sRGB color gamut in the lab testing. That falls between the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max.  It has a good brightness. It has a resolution of 1440 with 2960 pixels. Its display has a ratio of 18:5:9. Its display has a corning gorilla glass 5 for protection which is always on display.


Google Pixel 3 xl White has a feature list that is quite unique and standard for a 2019 model smartphone like wireless charging, USB-C port, fingerprint scanner, headphone jack and memory card slot etc. Its two front-firing speakers have clear sound. Although there is lack of facial recognition but it’s not a deal-breaker.


Controlling the Google Pixel 3 xl White is the first in class Snapdragon 845 processor. It can’t match the rates of Apple’s processor. Anyhow the Snapdragon 845 is incredibly quick smartphone processor. You will have the option to run requesting portable games like PUBG Versatile with no any noticeable reductions in performance or frame rate. But it has been noticed that there is a few unexpected app closure while playing games on Pixel 3XL which is probably because of ineffectiveness of memory management. This problem can be resolved in near future by a firmware or upgradation of software. Pixel 3XL quickly completes less complex activities like navigating between applications and switching.

Night Shift

Even in the evening its camera results always found excellent. Any night photo captured with Google Pixel 3 xl White will appear to be taken during day. Its night seeing function’s only drawback is that it’s not always automatic

Battery Life

Pixel 3XL has 3340mAh battery. Its life is greater than iPhone XS mobile which has 3174mAh battery but less than Samsung Galaxy S9+ which has a 3400mAh battery. Although Pixel 3XL has large screen and a powerful Snapdragon 845, its battery can easily last for a full day with normal use or even up to 1.5 days if we use battery saver. There is nothing special in it but it serves with almost all those specifications which people want from smartphones these days. However, playing more games or watching high definition films can reduce both battery timings and life.


In short we can say that Google Pixel 3 xl White is the best big screened camera phone which anyone could buy. Its camera could capture stunning photos that anyone just can imagine. It can provide you with all the functions which anyone can expect from a smartphone. Although there are much more latest smartphones which have been introduced in the market but still we can say that Pixel 3XL is of immense worth with all the models launched in 2018.

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