Japan is one of the world’s best countries in the world. It has more than 124 million populations. It is ranked 11th in terms of population according to the figures. Japan is divided into 8 regions by means of area. Japan is one of the few countries in the world having highest life cycle. Although birth rate is declining due to many reasons but still Japan has a very good economy and life. Japan has more than 14000 islands. This country is popular for its culture, art, music and video game industries. Its area is almost 145900 sq. miles (377900 sq. kilometer). Official language is Japanese and its capital is Tokyo. Economic survey 2023 shows its GDP $4.23 trillion. But right now, Japan earthquake is a hot topic as earthquake hit the country on New Year’s Day 2024.

History of Japan Earthquake

Japan earthquake has a list that hit Japan in various parts of country. One thing to be noted that all the earthquakes that hit Japan has an average of almost 7.0. Earthquakes in Japan has caused a lot of deaths. Following is a list of earthquakes in Japan only after 2020 having date, magnitude and fatalities.

Japan Earthquake January 01, 2024

So as mentioned above the most recent earthquake was of the magnitude 7.5. It hit Hokuriku region of Japan. More than 150 people dead, more than 200 still not found. It destroyed buildings, homes and infrastructure of the region. It also forced people to move to open areas and grounds to stay in the cold weather. Japan also had a devastated tsunami in 2011 which killed more than 20,000 people in 2011. Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) also issued a warning of tsunami at start. According to a survey this earthquake on 1st January 2024 was the strongest quake. This quake has broken the record of past 40 years in this region. Government representatives said that houses were destroyed. There was fire in the region that broke out. Army personnel and other agencies were there to help affected people in order to rescue them.

Japan Earthquake

At start rescuers were sent to the Suzu which is a small town. Many people were buried alive out of which two ladies were found. First 2-3 days were very difficult both for rescuers, affected people and also for rescuers teams helping people. Japanese forces, police and other teams are using different ways in order to help people in this situation. Army is using helicopters in order to rescue as well as to deliver supplies. Roads are blocked in several areas as buildings are being destroyed. According to weather broadcasting there were also news of rain which can create more difficulties in the quake areas. Weather broadcasting also predicted about a cold wave in the region.

More than 35,000 people are being sheltered according to news as on January 07, 2024. Survey also showed that more than 23,000 people were without electricity and also there is a lack of water among more than 60,000 people.


Police rescue teams and other agencies are trying hard to find out the missing people. Efforts are being continued even after more than a week but there are challenges due to which it’s becoming difficult. Bad weather, rains and also snow warnings, land sliding etc. are a major threat for rescue teams. Mostly the deaths have been occurred in two cities. These two cities are Wajima and Suzu. With the great efforts of rescuing teams’ number of missing persons has reduced. There is a great damage of roads which is also creating problems for rescuing teams to transfer basic necessities of life.

Reasons/Causes of Earthquakes in Japan

Our earth is comprising of certain plates called tectonic plates. Whenever there are movements in these tectonin plates, the stress is created and the result is earthquake. Actually, the location of Japan is in such a way that it lies across three tectonic plates, the Eurasian Plate, the Pacific Plate and Phillipine Sea Plate. Japan is along the Pacific Ring Fire. There is long relationship between Japan and earthquakes. This relationship has also helped in creating a technology. Necessity is the mother of inventions.Natural Golds. So, to overcome the problem of earthquakes hitting Japan regularly has helped in creating such tools, technology and systems which can save millions of people in future. Pacific plate is under the Pacific Ocean and Philippine sea Plate both lies across Japan. So geographically the location of Japan is in such a way that whenever there are movements in these plates, stresses create and as a result Japan has to face earthquakes.

Earthquake Measures in Japan

Earthquake ways of measurement are different than that of America and rest of the world. Normally Richter scale is used to measure the earthquake but technology used to measure the earthquake intensity is different in Japan which depends on the amount of destruction. The Japanese seismic scale has a maximum intensity of 7.0. Japan has a high volume of observations. But to assess all volumes of observations precisely might be difficult. Its actual effects changes regularly. Its variation also depends on distance from origin and condition geographically etc. Japan earthquakes information can be found easily through internet, smartphones, applications, social media and news easily. Experts also say that seismic or earthquake activity sometimes occurs daily or even hourly. So, we can say that seismic or earthquake activity is simply part of life in Japan.

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