How to get british citizenship

Great Britain is situated in Europe. It has four countries (England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland). The UK is called the United Kingdom because of the unity of Ireland and Great Britain. Great Britain has a monarchy and parliament.

British people

Britishers refer to people living in the United Kingdom. If a person living in England is English, Wales is Welsh and all. 

Difference between English and British

British probably means a person living in the United Kingdom, and English refers to people living in England. But English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish are all British people.

What makes you a British citizen?

Check if you are British

Firstly, check if you have British citizenship.

  • Any of your parents belong to the United Kingdom
  • If you were born in the United Kingdom or a British territory.
  • If at the time of your birth, your father had a home in the UK.
  • If you don’t have a state.
  • The events surrounding your birth for your parents.

If you are not British, then you have to apply for citizenship.


A person born in a country and belongs to it might have it as their nationality. 

Types of British Nationality

British Citizenship

           British citizenship is to work and live without any immigration control.

  • Your birthplace and date.
  • The events surrounding your birth for your parents.

British overseas territories citizenship

If you are a citizen of overseas territories, then you are British. Some of the territories are:

  • Saint Helena (Ascension and Tristan da Cunha)
  • Bermuda
  • British Antarctic Territory
  • British Virgin Island
  • Anguilla
  • The Cayman Islands
  • The Falkland Islands
  • British Indian Ocean Territory
  • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  • Turks and Caicos Island

You’ll be a citizen if your parents belong to the United Kingdom and if you’re not born in the UK. Suppose you were adopted in overseas territories. And if your parents were not married at the time of your birth but you were born overseas or in the United Kingdom States. If your mother was a citizen and you were born in another country, you don’t have a nationality. Then apply for citizenship.

British Overseas Citizen

You’ll get citizenship quickly (if you want) as you live there for three or more years. 

While applying for citizenship, passing the test will give you citizenship.

British subject

Closely related to the United Kingdom before 1948 is called a British subject.

British subjects include

Commonwealth nationals were British subjects prior to 1983.

Children of British subject

Children of British subjects are not citizens or British subjects. At certain things, they were stateless except for British subjects. And if your parents have British citizenship, you’ll get it. Otherwise, if you are British, you have no right to live freely and independently working till you don’t get the nationality.

How to become a British subject

Suppose you are stateless and don’t have the nationality of any other country. Only having Irish nationality will lead you to the British subject.

British protected person

a person who, in accordance with the British Nationality Act of 1981, is not a citizen of the Commonwealth. That person does not have full civil rights in the UK.  These individuals do not necessarily have the right to reside or work in the UK. 

In other cases, you’ll lose your British protection if you gain any other nationality. The territories that are connected to the UK become independent states. Then you’ll be that country’s citizen. 

Difference between Nationality and Citizenship

Nationality is the status where a person is born and free to live and work in a state. The person has all legal rights.

Citizenship is When you are born in any other place and if you want to migrate to any other country. In citizenship, you may get a naturalization certificate for migration. In this process, you’ll lose your previous nationality. 

A person who is a national of one country but wishes to move to another must go through the naturalisation procedure. Naturalization is a piece of legislation in which a foreigner wants to be a citizen of another country. This process needs a form filled out and passed by the Home Secretary.

How to get UK nationality?

If you are from British Overseas Territories;

  • Firstly, fill up the form of naturalization.It would be wise to submit the paperwork to the home office after maybe completing it online. If you are applying on paper, you must submit both your passport and the application form. Scan the documents, then upload them to your online application if you’re submitting one.
  • Secondly, you’ll get a demand for a photo and fingerprint for biometric identity.
  • Thirdly, when you have applied، submit all your documents, wait for the Home officer’s reply, and don’t forget to leave the information the same until you don’t get your immigration letter. 
  • Fourth, if your application is approved, you must plan a naturalisation ceremony.

Then, make sure you have a British passport if you intend to travel outside of the UK.

Requirements for Naturalisation

  1. Must know how to live in the United Kingdom.
  2. Have good speaking skills in English.
  3. Have good character and have good senses.

Check when applying

  • Have proof of how long you have lived in the UK by Job letter, degree, and passport.
  • Have to prove you know English.
  • Have to check your character by finding you ever broke laws or gone bankrupt.
  • Two people needed for your identity are called referees.

Suppose you are applying for your children. Before 18 years, this process is not complicated because they do not have to pass the requirements.

Suppose you are applying for 65 years old. Above 65 years, you do not have to fulfill the requirements. If you might have a mental or physical illness, you will contact your doctor and ask to confirm the condition.You won’t be required to take the tests in this situation. 

Fee for Naturalisation

  • The fee for adults to submit a form is £1330 and for children to submit £1012.Let’s say you are unable to pay the fees. Applying for a “fee waiver” is possible.

If you get it, then all the fees are removed. You’ll need to submit all your documents with your salary slip and bills for the last six months. Do the test as often as you need but pay the fee every time. You can practice by using apps.

Check your application form carefully

Be careful, if documents are incomplete or wrong, then the Home office will reject them, and you don’t get your money back. After rejection, you can apply only after 10 years.

How to apply for a British passport

You are not able to travel outside the UK without a British passport. You’ll get this opportunity on paper as well as online.

Pick the form from your nearest Post office. And submit it there. It costs £9.5. But compared to online, it takes a lot longer.

How much time is needed for a passport to be processed? 

As stated by the UK government, it takes approx. Ten weeks to be processed. To guarantee that their passport comes on time, we advise those who require a new passport to apply as soon as possible. You shouldn’t make travel plans unless you have access that fulfills your needs. You should renew your passport six months before it expires.

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