Colonoscopy is a treatment used for colorectal cancer. This treatment is recommended for everyone who is at the risk for this disease and he/she should get start treatment not later than the age of 45. Anyone having this treatment for the first time would be wondering that what will be happened or how long does a colonoscopy take? Whereas this treatment is not so complicated itself. It would just take hardly 25-60 minutes for the first time but it may also take long as the treatment continues with the passage of time and also depends upon the conditions of patient.

We can say that colonoscopy is just a treatment or test used to diagnose the changes like swelling, cancer or polyps or irritation of tissues in intestine etc. During this treatment a long flexible tube or cylinder called colonoscope is entered into rectum. Doctors also use camera at the top of this tube to view inside the whole rectum. During this procedure whenever it is considered necessary or beneficial doctors can remove any type of damaged or abnormal tissues or any other types of polyps. During this procedure doctors can also take tissues samples or other tests which they might think necessary. The answer to question that how long does a colonoscopy take also depends on condition and age of the patient.

What is Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of diseases/cancer which has an effect on internal organ/large intestine or rectum. It is also one of the most widely recognized disease around the world. It can also cause death or any kind of damage. Its risk factor increases with increase in age particularly its risk is more with people having age more than 50 and it is also with the people having family history of colorectal cancer. People having unhealthy foods, unhealthy life cycle can also experience it.  Its common symptoms or we can say its side effects which we can notice may include constipation, blood in stool, low iron levels. You can also see some symptoms like diarrhea, tiredness, lacking energy even with enough rest, paleness, weight loss, abdominal pain and exhaustion etc. At start there may be not any problem like these.

According to a survey this cancer is the 2nd biggest reason of deaths in the world. According to a report more than 1.9 million new cases were reported in 2020. There were also more than 900,000 deaths in the year 2020 due to this disease. According to survey the new cases were mostly among the continents of Europe and Australia. According to survey the death ratio was more elevated in Eastern Europe and also in America.

There have been great efforts to reduce or overcome this disease. According to survey in developed countries there has been a great reduction in new cases with this cancer just because of proper screening and treatment. Beginning phase cancers have higher endurance or survival rates than that of end stage or cutting edge stage cancers. If you diagnose this disease, make proper treatments and regularly follow your advisor then you can easily overcome this problem.  Some preventions like healthy diet, no smoking, keeping an active life cycle, limiting or leaving alcohol habits etc. can also be taken to avoid such diseases.

Reasons to get Colonoscopy

How Long Does a Colonoscopy Take

Colonoscopy is done to find symptoms such as abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, rectal bleeding and also to diagnose ulcerative colitis. Colonoscopy does double work. It does not only identify the problem but also removes the disease. Normally colorectal cancer begins in abnormal growth called polyps so colonoscopy can prevent you from this disease by removing polyps from your body. To get to know that how long does a colonoscopy take is as much important as well as the reasons to get colonoscopy.

Colorectal cancer is a 3rd major type of cancer which causes deaths in both men and women in the United States. According to a survey this cancer took more than 53000 lives in USA in 2020. Research also shows that is a survival rate of more than 90% from this disease if you diagnose it early.

Specific Age to have Colonoscopy

How long does a colonoscopy take is a major question with many people in the world as well as how to get rid of it. Experts say that people who are having colonoscopy should repeat it after every 10 years. However, if polyps are found early than this treatment can be done early also before ten years. Experts in US recommend to start colonoscopy at the age of 50 in order to avoid it in future even if you don’t have any family history of having attack of this kind of disease. They say that having colonoscopy in the age of 50-75 can lower the colorectal cancer. Many experts also recommend to have this colonoscopy even at younger age if you have any family history or colorectal cancer or any other risk factors.

Colonoscopy Procedure

It is a procedure by which there is a deeply inside view of a person’s large intestine. This procedure is normally done by using a long flexible tube having light camera at its tip. This tube is called colonoscope. This tube is inserted into large intestine through rectum. It normally can take 30-60 minutes. Certain medications through injections are normally given to the patient to avoid pain and feel relaxed. During this procedure if the doctor sees anything abnormal like any abnormal tissue, any abnormal growth like polyps then doctor can remove it. Mostly colonoscopy diagnosis and make perfect treatments but in some cases there might be some major operations. So there is an answer to the question how long does a colonoscopy take lies in this part and that is only 30-60 minutes.

All patients in United States have same procedure to get how long does a colonoscopy Take through which prevents them from feeling any kind of pain and normally this procedure is sedation or anesthesia. Some patients can also feel some pain who ask for light sedation. Normally doctors provide some instructions and also give some diet plan before getting colonoscopy a few days before. You can also say it colonoscopy preparations. This allows your doctor to have a clean and clear view inside your colon during colonoscopy.

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