Does coffee stunt your growth is the main concerns of the people of modern age.  There are a huge number of researches on coffee which suggest both its benefits and also some of its harms.  Some researchers say that it’s just a misconception that it can lead towards loss of height.  Also, some of doctors say that there is no such any evidence that shows that coffee stunts your growth. Natural Golds and experts say that more than 2 billion of coffee cups are being consumed on daily basis.  Some experts also have explained the benefits of drinking coffee specially for heart diseases, liver problems and diabetes specially type 2 diabetes.  It contains a lot of nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants etc.

Coffee is widely used by the people particularly in countries where weather is cold in most part of the year.  It is mostly used as a hot drink.  It contains caffeine in it.  It is obtained from roasted coffee beans.  It is slightly acidic and also has a stimulating effect as it has caffeine in it.  In this article you will get to know about benefits and harms of coffee and also you will get to know that does coffee stunt your growth.

Health Benefits

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

Some of the health benefits which we can get by drinking coffee are against heart diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems etc.  Experts found that people who have increased only a single cup of coffee in a day have lower their risk of certain type of diabetes called type 2 diabetes.  A group of experts also suggest that people drinking coffee have a lower chance to experience depression and cognitive conditions.  Some experts also suggest that taking coffee can also reduce the risk of liver diseases.  A panel of experts in United States said daily 2-3 cups of coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer.  A panel of experts also suggested that consumption of caffeine can also benefit the heart disease up to some extent and also can improve the blood pressure.  People who have faced the problem of heart attack before, drinking coffee does not increase their risk of facing another attack.  There are also some evidences which show that drinking coffee can also lower down calories in the body and thus helps in reducing body weight.  Black coffee has very low calories in it.  Coffee beans contains antioxidants.  Antioxidants help by protecting the body against certain radical damage.  These are just a few examples of coffee but still there is a question does coffee stunt your growth about which we will get to know in this topic.

Adverse Effects

There is an old proverb that excess of everything is bad.  This is same in case of coffee.  Drinking a lot of coffee can also create the problems regarding your health.  Some experts say that drinking a high number of coffees daily can lead to bone fracture in the women but this risk is lower in men as compared to women.  It can also create problems during pregnancy resulting in premature birth or low weight birth.  Drinking a lot of coffee also can create anxiety specially among the people with panic disorder or social anxiety disorder.  It can also create stomach problems like pain etc.  There is also a study which suggests that a high number of intakes of coffee can create a permanent problem in brain even in a young age.  It can also create anxiety related conditions and disturb mental health.

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Effects of Coffee on your growth

A person’s height depends on several factors.  Genetic factor is one of the main factor.  Everyone has different gene, weight, metabolism and height etc.  Your height also largely depends on your food.  If you keep a balanced diet than it will strongly help in achieving good growth.  There are also several other factors like environmental factors, your lifestyle, your childhood nutrition etc.  So keeping in mind all above factors we can say that caffeine has an effect on your growth is not true.  So here you can get answer to the question that does coffee stunt your growth.  Its just a misconception that consuming coffee effects your growth.  In children there can be a line between coffee and growth but upto some extent.

Side Effects

Although there are a number of benefits of coffee but still there are too many of its side effects particularly for those who consume it too much.  Its side effects may include blood pressure, pregnancy problems, dehydration, heart disease if someone drink it during exercise, spinal bone loss, reduced fertility, headache, fast heart rate, restlessness and anxiety etc.  Remember these side effects are only concerned with the people who consume it too much otherwise there are also its benefits like it can increase the performance of athletes and it can also help in reducing weight etc.


In short, we can say that drinking coffee has a great effect on your health benefits but drink does not has any concern with your height.  In fact your height is largely concerned with your parents’ genes, quality of food you consume and also on your physical activity.  Coffee can affect our health badly and could also create some side effects only if we consume it in large quantity.  But normally experts say that it does not have any effect on the growth of any person specially in youngsters.  So, in short, the answer to the question does coffee stunt your growth is no.  Expert say that you should eat a balanced diet and must have a physical activity then you can achieve a maximum height but it will also depend on the genes.  So, drinking coffee is not going to make your height shorter and abandoning the coffee is not going to make your height taller.

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