There are seven continents in this world and Europe is one of them. Europe is a beautiful place to live on this earth but in this article we will just talk about a few of best European cities to visit. Europe is a continent which is covering almost 2% of total surface of earth or 6.8% of the total area of land. It has a large part in the Eastern Hemisphere and is mostly from the westernmost side it is just like peninsulas of Eurasia and it is totally located in the Northern Hemisphere. It covers around an area of more than 10 million km2 which is almost 3.90 million square miles. Africa and Asia both jointly share the Afro-Eu, radian continental landmass from each of their side. Asia covers Europe from the east, the Mediterranean Sea covers Europe from the south, the Atlantic Ocean covers Europe from the west and the Arctic Ocean from the north. There are almost 50 states in Europe. According to a Survey in 2021 there the estimated population of Europe was 745 million which was around 10-12% of total population of earth. It is ranked 3rd in term of area on this earth.

Best European cities to visit is a hot topic in this modern age of adventure. The European environment is normally attracted by its warm weather in most parts of it. Further from the ocean, occasional contrasts are more perceptible than near the coast. European culture is the base of Western civilization, which follows its heredity back to old Greece and antiquated Rome.

Best European cities to visit had been a great desire for everyone. Even now many people want not only to see or visit but also to settle down themselves there in Europe. With its rich history, culture, freedom, first class vacation, historical places, destinations, and various beautiful marvels, Europe offers a wide exhibit of movement encounters for both long- and little-time tours. Notwithstanding being the second smallest continent on the planet, it’s the ideal spot to investigate and gain extraordinary experiences.

Europe is an extraordinarily different, beautiful and attractive continent. It will be difficult for you to decide where to go for vacations or where to find your residence if you ever have a chance to have any of these opportunities.

According to a survey by Savills VENTURE MANAGEMENT, there are 40 most unique and dynamic urban cities in Europe. The list is based on several variables that supports long-term wealth, economic growth, and favorable population trends.

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130 total cities of Europe were picked for the total study in which every single European capital was included, as well as all urban communities with a base metropolitan area of 250,000 occupants, and positive determined populace development. The cities were then estimated on development, motivation, consideration, interconnection, speculation, and foundation.

Look down to see a rundown of the 17 generally creative, moving, and comprehensive urban communities in Europe, positioned in climbing request.

Barcelona, Spain.

Best European Cities to Visit

It is one of the most well-known cities of Europe. The Spanish city is renowned for its wonderful Gaudi design. Well-known for historical places, football events and tourists all over the year. Barcelona-Spanish: is a city on the northeastern shoreline of Spain. It is the capital of Catalonia. It is also an independent local area of Catalonia. It is the second-most crowded district of Spain. With a populace of 1.6 million inside it and 4.8 million in its total region people which makes it the fifth most populated region in the European Association after Paris, the Ruhr region, Madrid and Milan.

Lausanne, Switzerland.

Best European Cities to Visit

Situated in the core of Europe, Lausanne positions number one for unfamiliar conceived populace and number three for number of unfamiliar college understudies. It is the capital and biggest city of the Switzerland. Lausanne is found 62 kilometers (38.5 miles) upper east of Geneva.

Basel, Switzerland.

Best European Cities to Visit

Situated on the Rhine Waterway in northwest Switzerland. It is just besides the border of France and Germany. It is ranked 3rd by population in the country. Basel is normally considered to be the cultural as well as social capital of Switzerland. This city is famous for its many museums, including the Kunst museum. Forty exhibition halls are spread all through the city-canton, making Basel quite possibly of the biggest social community corresponding to its size and populace in Europe.

Oxford, Britain.

Best European Cities to Visit

Oxford is helped by areas of strength for a created college presence and scores especially profoundly in individual commitment to local area coordinated, expressions related exercises. Oxford is the main city in Britain. It had a populace of 162,100 according to a survey in 2021. It is situated 56 miles (90 km) from north-west of London. It is 64 miles (103 km) south-east of Birmingham and 61 miles (98 km) north-east of Bristol. The city is famous for its historical places as well as educational institutes including Oxford University which is one of the best Colleges of the world.

Oslo, Norway.

Best European Cities to Visit

It is the capital of Norway. According to a survey in 2016 Oslo was ranked number 1 due to many reasons. Most of Norway’s populace benefit from paid positions, an elevated degree of instruction, and long normal life expectancies.

Vienna, Austria.

Best European Cities to Visit

Vienna is ranked fourth as far as interconnectivity, which considers both current and future vehicle joins. Vienna is the capital of Austria. It is the biggest city and one of nine government territories of Austria. Vienna is Austria’s most crowded city and its primate city, with around 2,000,000 inhabitants (2.9 million inside the metropolitan area, almost 33% of the nation’s populace), and its social, financial, and political focus. It is the 6th biggest city by population in the European Association and the biggest of all urban communities on the Danube stream by populace.

Madrid, Spain.

Best European Cities to Visit

The city takes the best position for number of railroad stations and positions fifth concerning interconnectivity generally speaking. There are less vehicle projects arranged in Madrid contrasted with the main four urban communities positioned by this action

Zurich, Switzerland.

Best European Cities to Visit

Zurich scores exceptionally for riches and customer spending markers. The populace is estimated to develop, and the Swiss city positions in the main 20 for business land venture action. Zürich is considered to be the biggest city in Switzerland in terms of land and population. It is also the capital of the canton of Zürich. It is spread in the north of Switzerland and with the northwestern tip of Lake of Zürich. According to a survey the district had a population of more than 440000 persons. The metropolitan region 1.315 million (2009), and the Zürich metropolitan region had a population of more than 1.80 million (2011). Zürich is a center for rail routes, streets, and air traffic. Both Zurich Air terminal and Zürich’s primary railroad station are the biggest and most active in the country.

Edinburgh, Scotland.

Best European Cities to Visit

Generally, part of Midlothian, the city has for some time been a focal point of training, especially in the fields of medication, Scots regulation, writing, science, and designing. The College of Edinburgh is currently one of the best four colleges in the city.

Dublin, Ireland.

Best European Cities to Visit

Dublin scores especially exceptionally on populace variety and grassroots local area action. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and has a strong economic growth in the region. It is the biggest city of Ireland. According to a survey, the civil region had a population of more than 590,000, while Dublin City and its rural areas had a populace of more than 1.2 million. The Province Dublin had a population of more than 1.4 million.

Stockholm, Sweden.

Best European Cities to Visit

Stockholm has solid anticipated development in its metropolitan populace and positions well for government framework. It is the capital of Sweden. It is the largest city of Sweden in terms of both population and area. It is the largest city in Scandinavia as per area.

Munich, Germany.

Best European Cities to Visit

Munich is the main cities in Germany. It is famous for multiple reasons including patent-producing in the city. Its business land speculation market is deep rooted, it benefits from moderately high riches, and positions third in Europe for customer spending per capita.

Berlin, Germany.

Berlin, Germany


Berlin positions among the main five European urban communities for land venture. It likewise scores profoundly for transport foundation, online entertainment, and bistros. Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is the biggest city of Germany by both region and population. It has population more than 3.85 million making it the European Association’s the most crowded city, as per populace inside city limits. The more noteworthy metropolitan area of Berlin is one of the Territories of Germany.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Best European Cities to Visit

Amsterdam is a functioning pioneer, positioning third for thickness of new businesses. The city additionally scores profoundly for exercises connected with innovation and undertaking.

Cambridge, Britain.

Best European Cities to Visit

Cambridge is a city of driven pioneers, taking the main spot for fire up power and transaction of thoughts. The city is going through a few huge foundation projects comparative with its size, with enormous lodging improvement projects in progress toward the north and south of the city.

Paris, France.

Paris, France.

Paris scores exceptionally for foundation, with an enormous metropolitan populace and great computerized network. With the Terrific Paris foundation project, the Paris representing things to come vows to be slicker to explore.

London, Britain.

Best European Cities to Visit

Savills IM has authoritatively delegated London the most unique city in Europe. It positions most noteworthy for foundation, advancement, interconnection, and speculation, and second for consideration and motivation. London is the capital of Britain. It is the biggest city of Britain. It has a population more than 8.7 million. It remains on the Stream Thames in south-east Britain at the top of a 50-mile (80 km) estuary down toward the North Ocean and has been a significant settlement for almost two centuries


These few cities are just a few numbers of top European cities to visit in 2024. In fact, every European place has its own value in terms of adventure, culture, growth, historical place and much more. Europe is a beautiful place on earth not only to visit but also to do everything. European nations are brimming with dynamic urban communities overflowing with culture and with picturizing scenes going from the open fields of France and Italy to the islands of Greece and Spain. With such countless lovely spots flaunting regular ponders and must-see sights, it shocks no one that concluding which spots to visit in Europe can be troublesome. That is the reason many survey teams in the world including U.S. News thought about the features of every objective – as well as client votes to get to know the best European cities to visit.